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We specialize in sourcing hard-to-find parts! We are the worldwide independent stocking distributors with the staff of ICs, Transistors, Diodes, High Voltage Capacitors AC Contactors , Sensors and Electron Tubes. If we don't have it in our stock, we can get it when you need it, Even Obsolete & Hard-To-Find components.



Avionics, Broadcast, Copper Industries, Data Transmission, Marine industries, Medical X-ray Tubes, Oil Industries, Petrochemical industries, Railroads, Communications, Science Research, Security, Steel Industries, Telecommunications, Utilities

1661D89G01—G06Power supply1CAll
4D33613G01Power supply1CAll
1D54582G05Power supply1CAll
3A99688H01Power supply1CAll
4D33743G01Power supply1CAll
4D33913G01 – G06Power supply3CAll
405A662G01Power supply1CAll
MS33514-G12Aircraft Circulation Valve5CAll
MS33514-E12Aircraft Drain Valve 5CAll
MS33514-E08Aircraft Drain Valve 5CAll
AS1656-1-16Aircraft 2 ports Flow Valve5CAll
AS1656-1-16Aircraft 4 ports Flow Valve5CAll
AS1656-1-08Aircraft 2 ports Shower Valve5CAll
MHC 7381A93G01WDPF Circuit Cards2CAll
7381A93G03WDPF Circuit Cards2CAll
4D33737G03WDPF Circuit Cards2CAll
MSX 4256A10G01WDPF Circuit Cards1CAll
MSP 7381A01G01WDPF Circuit Cards2CAll
1D54458G01WDPF Operator Keyboards2CAll
3D04061G01WDPF Operator Keyboards2CAll
4D33644G01WDPF Operator Keyboards2CAll
404A749G03WDPF Operator Keyboards2CAll
3D04106G01Fiber optic repeaters2CAll
3D04106G04Fiber optic repeaters2CAll
7381A66G01Fiber optic repeaters2CAll
4D33764G01Fiber optic repeaters2CAll